Retail Stocktaking Ltd. uses the latest technology for stocktaking, barcode scanning and auditing. Furthermore, the company uses up-to-date hand held equipment to provide a fast and accurate outsource service.

A large investment in technology has created a business based on providing clients with fast and accurate results on completion of stocktakes. The majority of our clients depend on data capture receiving results electronically. Our larger high street clients require our team to upload data into their back office systems to provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of their stock levels, PI inventories, unknown items reports, variance reports and management reporting.

Our Software

Our software is bespoke, owned by us and customised to meet specific customer requirements in terms of management reporting. Our software can also be written and developed by our very experienced IT Department for clients in a very short period of time. We offer free trial stocktakes.

The Future

We will continue to acquire the latest technology as our business evolves, which will allow us to remain at the forefront of stocktaking services. The capacity of our handheld computers allows us to capture sufficient data for our clients' purposes to drive their businesses forward.

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