Why Choose Us?

Benefits of using an external stocktaking company such as Retail Stocktaking:

Increased Gross Profit Margins – with the right stock control. We assist with PI counts, stock variances and also assist in reducing shrinkage.

No Capital Expenditure - all equipment & software are provided by Retail Stocktaking Ltd.

Independent Stocktakes – if stocktakes are undertaken by store staff who may not have specialised training it may lead to inaccurate results.

Flexibility - a flexible programme of work is devised to suit trading patterns.

No Lost Sales During Stocktaking - if counts take place during trading; there will be minimal store staff involvement. Ensures maximum sales and customer satisfaction can be achieved.

Instant Stocktaking Results - stocktaking results are available immediately.

Problem Stores - with a flexible approach to programming, stores that require an immediate count can be accommodated at extremely short notice.

Replenishment - instant results, which are accurate and reliable, provide buyers with the facility to enhance the stock replenishment system.

Site Visits to Stores - we visit clients' stores 7-10 days prior to stocktaking, to clarify all issues with management and to finalise staffing requirements.

Management Reporting – we can provide management reports electronically and manually. Files can also be uploaded in back office computers to assist clients with their stock management.

Retail Stocktaking Ltd. Offer...

Additional benefits of using Retail Stocktaking Ltd.

  • Increased Sales - assisting with planogram accuracy, identifying fast and slow selling stock, help improve cash flow by avoiding overstocks, profit protection etc.
  • Competitive Edge - assisting with stock management to keep an edge over competitors.
  • Experienced Stocktaking Teams - our staff are very experienced, are friendly, efficient and polite.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy - we strive to provide optimum accuracy and provide print outs per location to be checked by management. Auditable systems ensure management are happy that all stock has been counted.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Stock Availability - customers are happy if fast selling and popular stock is replenished so they can get what they need.
  • Help Client Forecasting - assisting with the effective monitoring of stock.
  • Less Stress for Store Staff - make stocktaking less stressful and allow staff to focus on sales maximisation.
  • Efficient, User-Friendly and Reliable Systems – can provide accurate results.
  • Help Identify Theft/Stock Loss – using the latest technology.

Some of the companies Retail Stocktaking Ltd. has worked with...