Promotional Compliance Auditing

We appreciate that retailers put a lot of effort and investment into POS materials and promotional offers. These campaigns effectively need to be rolled out throughout branches. It is of paramount importance to a business that any promotional activity is successful throughout the life span of any campaigns that are in place.

Our company can undertake audits on an ad hoc basis, unannounced, to verify that all campaigns are on display as required to ensure maximum coverage to potential customers.

We will independently provide accurate reports to head office for analysis to help improve ROI (return on investment).

Warehouse Stocktakes/Audits

Warehouse audits/stocktakes are part of our stocktaking portfolio. We can count stock by bin locations, provide inventories, variances etc. by location.

Data can be scanned, counted or checked manually against existing stock information.

Management reports are available immediately.

Picking Audits

We can arrange for picking audits to be undertaken to audit the performance of pick teams and analyse accuracy of the teams present. We can gather information on inter store transfers. Our barcode scanners can assist with pick checks, price checks and inward and outward product checks. The replenishment of stock can also be identified.

Equipment Tracking & Audit

We appreciate in some organisations, it may be time consuming and somewhat difficult to locate/know the whereabouts of equipment. On occasion, the loss of equipment, pallets, cages etc. can be a huge cost for business.

As part of our commitment to assisting organisations increase profits and helping the day-to-day running of businesses, we can assist with the monitoring and tracking of equipment on either a regular basis or on an as and when required basis.

We can investigate/report on areas of the supply chain and look at areas such as reporting damages and quality of equipment. Any losses can be illustrated. We have a facility whereby we can tag any equipment to monitor any movement or disposal.

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