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In businesses PI (Perpetual Inventory) or continuous inventory, as it is also known describes systems of inventory where inventory quantity and availability is updated on a continual basis. This is generally accomplished by connecting the inventory system with order entry in a retail point of sale system.

It is our aim to help businesses reduce stock shrinkage (loss of products between point of manufacture or purchase from supplier and point of sale) and it relates to the difference in the amount of margin or profit a businesses can maintain. Obviously if there is a large amount of shrinkage then profits will go down thus resulting in increased costs to the consumer to meet the needs of the retailer. We do this by identifying fundamental product lines which can be checked regularly through a PI system. The key products are highlighted against the full product file.

Some retailers may choose to implement an inventory management solution offered by an external company such as Retail Stocktaking Ltd., which allows for better control over inventory and will alert businesses of the source of the inventory/stock shrinkage. Businesses having a more accurate account of inventory provides significant cost savings. With successful analysis, costs associated with stock-outs or excess inventory can be reduced.

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