Stocktaking Procedures

All product/data files will be tested prior to any stocktake/inventory.

Stocktaking systems include laptops, hand held scanning terminals and our own customised software which is owned by us and can be tailored to meet specific client requirements. Data can be scanned or entered manually by our stocktaking staff.

All locations are labelled with our identi-tags to ensure all of the required stock is captured. A walk around takes place before and after any stocktakes, stock checks and audits with management to ensure all items are accounted for. An audit log is maintained throughout the stocktake. The data file containing all stock is uploaded into our systems. The print outs by location are checked against audit logs to ensure optimum accuracy.

Management reports are available immediately after stock counts and again, can be customised to meet client needs. Back office uploads can also be applied if required.

Free trial stocktakes are also available.

We offer 7 day service/support and our full attention at all times.

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